Historical S&P E-Mini chart

The V-Zone trading method uses two different methods of defining Supply and Demand.

 1. F.O Levels  

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F.O Levels  Help define Supply and demand levels of the lower time frame using different method to those used for the V-Zones.

This unique analysis approach  takes supply and demand to the next level, again utilizing the concepts of the auction theory and just like everything else within this method they are design to remove confusion around which levels to use within the intra-day time frame.

F.O Levels are unique and are a proprietary method of finding supply and Demand only known by V-Zone members

2. V-Zones 

(Click here to View charts) NOTE: These charts show trade location of V-Zones combined with F.O Levels

V-Zones define context across higher time frames 

V-Zones are a 3 dimensional way of defining Supply and Demand.

V-Zones reduce subjectivity in the analysis

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