Investor/RT® is our preferred charting platform

Start your free trial to Investor/RT now and experience:

• The most powerful and flexible charting package available.
• The most advanced volume analytics and market profiling tools.
• Seamless trading integration with OEC, Rithmic, Transact/Infinity, Interactive Brokers, CQG, TTNET.
• A comprehensive library of highly customizable indicators.
• Simulated trading with market playback.
• Third party extensions, educators and brokerages.

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IQFeed™ is our preferred charting platform

IQFeed™ provides a true, tick-by-tick  datafeed completely unfiltered. 
All domestic quote data from IQFeed™ is direct from each exchange, Which means you get the fastest, most complete and reliable datafeed available.

  • True tick-by-tick streaming data - you see every trade and every quote as it happens
  • Broad market coverage - Futures, Equities, Options, Forex and Indexes
  • Deep Historical Data - 180 days of tick data, several years of minute data, 10+ years of daily
  • Over 500 market breadth indicators updating every 1 second - TICK, TRIN, etc.   
  • Free 24/5 customer support
Ability to save money by qualifying for CME Globex Exchange Fee Waivers

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Jigsaw Trading offer a unique set of tools to help traders incorporate Order Flow information into their trading.

Jigsaw’s mission is to deliver rich, meaningful and useful trading information, enabling traders to make more informed
trading decisions both in entering and managing trading positions.

Depth & Sales – An innovative Trading DOM that goes far beyond the functionality of any other Trading DOM on the market.
Reconstructed Tape – The only Time & Sales product on the market that accurately reconstructs trades “split” by the US Futures exchanges.
Summary Tape – A “side by side” rolling summary of trade executions at each level, with built in rolling delta.
Alerts – Audio & Visual alerts for common order flow events such as Iceberg Order Detection, Delta Divergence, Bid/Offer Absorption and Block Trades
Strength Meters – Visual Meters for 3 major order flow components. Trade Executions, Pulling & Stacking, Bids and Offers.

Auction Vista Heatmap - Auction Vista is an innovative yet intuitive tool that shows both an historical and real time view of Order Flow events. 

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Sierra Chart has existed since 1996 developing and supporting financial market analysis and trading software. Sierra Chart supports all markets including futures, stocks, forex, indexes and options. Sierra Chart develops and supports complete front-end advanced charting and trading software. They develop high-performance server software for market data for Sierra Chart. Sierra Chart provides complete market data services from various exchanges for our front-end trading and charting software. Sierra Chart is truly a global operation with users throughout the world. They develop top-quality and well engineered software.

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Louise Nonweiler is the founder of Hypnosis for Trader. 
Working successfully with traders across the globe for the last decade, she is passionate and committed in helping traders achieve a high-level of performance.
Louise is also the co-host of Trading in the ZEN podcast, and the creator of several proven online trading psychology course and programs.