Todays Trades

Hello, I hope you are all keeping safe with this current world epidemic.

With the current market volatility we have been experiencing traders have been emailing me asking how the V-Zone method is holding up.

And I am happy to say the method has been doing very well.

If you was in the free prep room back in February will have heard me talk about some trades we take needing permission and this concept has been keeping us safe.

In times of high volatility the V-Zone method has us only taking trades around higher time frame context areas. This has been paying dividends in this current climate.

Take a look at some recent trades

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Prep Room 27th Feb 2020

End Of Day


Prep Room 26th Feb 2020

UpDate 1

As I said i would keep buying above the 3152 Until new supply steps in at Supply above.

End Of Day

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