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Prep Room 19th Feb 2020

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End Of Day


Prep Room 18th Feb 2020

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End of day


Prep Room 14th Feb 2020

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UpDate 2 

I Forgot to add blue buy zone on last image at the 3366, sorry my mistake.
Anyway this is last image of day and the week.
Have a great weekend and see you in Prep Room Tuesday 18th Feb.
( Closed Monday 17th for Presidents day)


Prep Room 13th Feb 2020

Today in Prep Room I said:
All in the chart

Update 1

Update 2

End Of Day
Three stop outs but still a profitable day


Prep Room 12th Feb 2020

Today in Prep Room I said:

If price trade higher than the 3374.50 I will have to wait for price to pull-back to demand before going long, However any longs need Min of 5 points expectation of reward or they are not valid.
If price creates new supply at new highs I can go short on new supply as long as reward is 5 points or more to nearest demand.
If price trades below 3367 and longs there fail ( the longs there need permission) I will look for shorts down to 3356 but will be mindful of the demand at 3360 and will take longs there with permission.
Below the 3354 I am on the hunt for shorts down to 3335

End of day


Prep Room 11th Feb 2020

Today in Prep Room I said:

I Could use the stage two we are in at the moment to buy the 3358 however very risky.
I prefer to wait for demand to develop to be a buyer or supply to be a seller.
I want to see 3357 fail to confirm supply and i will sell any supply down to the  3337 
At the 3337 I want to be a buyer. if that fails I can sell down to 3320 to be a buyer.  if on the way down we get new demand at the 3330 I can buy that new demand to go back to old highs.

UpDate 1

 UpDate 2

End of day


Prep Room 10th Feb 2020

Today in Prep Room I said:
The two highest auctions are aying UP bowever one does say it should rotate down to the 3254.
With the green and yellow both saying Down I have to look for shorts.
Below the 3320 Shorts do not need permission. And shorts are shorts to stay short own to 3254.where I will loom for longs to stay long all the way back up.
If we open below the 3322 I can short the 23 or 28s
if the shorts fail I would need new structure to confirm long with the goal to get long at 3328 to go up to the 3345

UpDate 1

UpDate 2

End of Day

End of Day Recap

Charts  pretty much say it all.
one stop out at the 3328 where I said I would get short based on Open, ( 3323 Never gave an entry, Thankfully)
So as said in Update  2, I  had to wait for  3339 before looking for shorts and had no valid longs.  
Shorts at 3339 worked for 1st scale and remainders out at 3338.25
Then TC condition said up into close so could not take shorts.

Prep Room 7th Feb 2020

Today in Prep Room I said:

If we open below the 3332.75  and go up off the open I can sell the 3334.50 to 3335.50.
If price trades above the 3337 I can looks for longs at the 3334.75
If price trades below the 3330 I can look for shorts at the 3331

 End of day


Prep Room 6th Feb 2020

Today in Prep Room I said:

Higher auctions all say up so longs are longs to stay long and shorts are shorts to get long , Unless we trade below the 3330 then logs are long to get shorts and shorts are to held down to 3255

I am looking for longs at the 40 to 43 area with permission with goal of new highs.
If open is 3345 that is the open giving me permission for longs,
If however we open below the 3345 I can only go long at the 3340.
if the 3340 fails then shorts are on the agenda down to 3335/3333 with no permission neededfor the Longs.
Longs at the 3330  need no permission but do need new demand to develop first.

Below the 3330 and longs at the 3323,3317 and 3312 all need permission and are longs to get short

End of day


Prep Room 5th Feb 2020

Today in Prep room I said:

If we open above the 3321 and pull-back down to the 3332 I can buy and hold for new highs. Or until taken out on new structure.

If prices goes up with out me I can only short at the 31 to 34 area if I get new structure

If price goes above the all market highs at 38.50 and I am not long I can not do anything until new supply develops or price trades back to demand at 3326
If the demand at 3321 Fails I can short down to the 3315 for a long to stay Long.

However if the 3313 fail I will be hunting out shorts down to 3252 and any long between the 3316 to 3252 are longs to get short.


End of day


Prep Room 4th Feb 2020

Today in Prep room I said:

All HTF's are saying up so longs are longs to stay long until taken out , and shorts are shorts to get long Lower down.
However as I want to be long the only demand I have is lower down at the 3281area so I can benefit from shorts from the 3288 down to the 3281 with permission. Where I will go long at 81.

If we open above the 3283 I can not take the shorts and could even look to get long at the 85 or 81 depending ion the open.

If the shorts at the 88 fail then I will look to get long to the 95 area and stay long until taken out, If I can not get long and we do trade to the 95 I will look to take new shorts to get long lower down.

Below the 81 and I will look to buy the 77 but of that fails then shorts are now shorts to stay short down to the 55. So a break of the 76 will mean look for shorts, and the demand at 65 are only longs to get short .

If price gets to the 55 I am buying, but failure here means we are off down to the 32 area so will look to adapt and re position my self in new shorts.

End Of Day 

Well as I said In prep today

'If we open above the 3283 I can not take the shorts and could even look to get long at the 85 or 81 depending in the open' 

Price did open above the 83 so had two longs with second catching the Low of RTH session.
This was followed by a small add on at the 3288.50Was taken out of trailers by new structure at the  3299.25

Worked a dream


Prep Room 3rd Feb 2020

Today in Prep room I said, that shorts are shorts to stay short unless we take out the 3260 area.
Then longs become longs to stay long.
If price opens around the 3236 to 3240 area and goes up off open I can use that as permission to get short at the 3247.
If price opens above the 3240 area I can not sell the 3247.
the goal was to see if price could stay below the 3247 to get short and stay short with longs being longs to get short.
But if the 47 are taken out then expectation is longs up to the 3259 where I can look for shorts but with permission.
If those 3259 are taken out then I am looking for longs on pullbacks are taken 

End of Day

1.So as I said in prep room this morning I was looking for shorts at the 3247 area and with the open opening below the 3240 and above the 3236 this gave me permission for that short at the 47
well that ended up being a stop out. So back to plan. Well I said if that gets traded past I will look for longs to the 3260 area, however never pulled back enough for me to get Long so waited for possible shorts but needed permission.

2. The short area at the 3253 never created new supply so could not get short and the supply at the 3260 never gave an entry in fact price pushed fast above it. Which then left the area area at the 3265 which had a grey zone as well as a V-Zone.. However as mentioned in prep this was now a Short to get long as we had traded above the 3260, there was decent reward to the new demand as it was all way down at the 3243 meaning if price does go that far we are back into shorts not needing permission and Long do.
A Short was taken on the second retest of the high at 64.75 and went down for a nice 5 point 1st scale with 2nd scale down at the 56 and finally the last being taken out on structure at 3262.

3. Now price going higher stopping out remaining longs and I am looking for longs on pullback  to go up to 3290 but no pullback for longs

4. As I am no longer in a trade looked to see if permission would develop at the highs again around the 66. area, for a short to get long lower down, reward potential was even greater now and permission did develop at the last high for a nice short

5. This went lower and never got long entry so held shorts

6. Now this is where I had to follow the market, as price was going lower it started to turn at the 3255 creating what looked like structure stage 2 continuation as it was above the 3256 are I spent so much time going on about in the prep, meaning I had to now expect longs at the new demand which was created on the new lows, so I got out of a perfectly good short to go long at the 3258 for a fast stop out, 
7.This failure of the stage 2 was a blessing as it then turns to supply which was now saying we are back below the 3256 so get short with out permission a new short was taken on pull-back at the 3256 with expectation of the lows as before at the 3243.

8. As I am now short to stay short until taken out I had no reason for the longs so when when price retested the 3254 again into new supply the shorts are for the same reason as No: 7


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A Few Emails

Just wanted to share a few emails I got this week

This one is from a new member who started this week.

And this one made me laugh.

Prep Room 6th March 2019

Just wanted to share what was said in Members Prep room Today

See days outcome in chart below.

Prep Room 4th March 2019

Just wanted to share what was said in Members Prep room on Monday morning.
I said that I was looking to short at the 2814 to 2818 area, But as member will confirm I also said if we open above the 2815 I can not sell until we get to or above the 2817.

See days outcome in chart below.

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